imageI received confirmation from Microsoft today that I’m the newest PowerShell MVP!

I sincerely appreciate this recognition, and hope I meet the expectations of the community over the coming year.  I already have several PowerShell talks and projects on the near horizon…

First, I’ll be rescheduling my talk for the Charleston ALT.NET group that I had to cancel due to illness.  Look for an update on this in the next week or so.

In June I’ll be giving a StudioShell talk at CodeStock.  This is shaping up to be a demo-driven talk, so expect to leave with lots of practical knowledge and ideas.  With any luck I’ll be giving similar talks at DEVLink and MADExpo later this summer.  I’m also slated to talk to the Atlanta PowerShell UG in July, where I’d like to discuss using PowerShell to add agility and flexibility to your .NET applications.

In a few weeks I will be releasing MoSh, a MongoDB PowerShell provider that maps MongoDB servers, databases, and collections as PowerShell drives.  I’m having tons of fun with this one, and it’s proving to be a useful and intuitive way of caching and filtering data objects between PowerShell sessions.

As long as we’re talking about databases, I’m collaborating with Brady Gaster on a “Domain Console.”  The idea is seductive: a PowerShell module that mounts your NHibernate repositories as drives, allowing you to perform CRUD and native filtering operations using common PowerShell syntax.  We’re still early on this one, but the work Brady’s done thus far is making us both giggle with joy! 

And of course I’m continuing to work on StudioShell – I appreciate everyone’s continued involvement and issue submissions.

Again, thank you for the support, and I look forward to serving the PowerShell community for the next year!