imageHere’s the skinny:

My company Code Owls LLC is proud to offer individual NFR licenses of SeeShell to technical and social community leaders.  If you fall into this category and could use a copy of our awesome software, simply contact us with your story and we’ll hook you up. 

We’re also offering NFR licenses to relevant user groups.  If you’d like a few SeeShell licenses to raffle to your members, send us your group information, including a website URL, and we’ll see about getting you the delicious PowerShell data visualization goodness your group so desperately needs.

Thinking Out Loud

SeeShell is a commercial product, and it exists to support the community.  How’s that?  Every purchase of SeeShell allows us to spend more time on our open source software solutions.  This is where we want to be focused, on making the technical world a better place for scripters and shell mages everywhere.  Selling SeeShell helps us accomplish that.

To that end, we’re working on something else as well – another PowerShell-y integration-ish visual-eye-candy-that-saves-you-tons-of-time-and-effort-making-you-more-awesome piece of commercial software.  We’re looking at a rapid time-to-market with a very surgical feature set.  Expect the announcement around the PowerShell Saturday #002 event.