PS circleI get a fair amount of traffic on this blog, and most of it is aimed at the set of log4net tutorials I’ve posted over the years.  I’m pleased to announce that as of today, all of this log4net knowledge has been captured in a Pluralsight course.

The course covers everything from configuration through extending the library.  I provide coverage and configuration details for nearly all of the appenders that ship with log4net, which makes the code demos from the course very valuable if you’re looking to configure, say, the UDP appender for non-buffering message broadcasting.  The course is much more than a walk through the library – I spent a good 90 minutes or so discussing effective ways you can leverage logging in your own applications, including examples of applying logging with aspect-oriented programming techniques and logging through common design patterns.

In addition I go into extending the library with your own ideas.  In one demo I use the Twilio REST API to create an SMS appender, so my applications can now text me when they’re heading for failure.  Fun stuff!

So, if you’re more of a visual learner and are interested in learning how to get going with log4net and use it effectively, please give my course a whirl: