My Resume


A forward-thinking software engineer with 18 years of professional experience across highly-regulated industries including commercial software, defense, and education.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Adept research and problem solving abilities.  Award-winning teacher and avid speaker.  Three-time Microsoft MVP.  Small business owner.

Technical Qualifications

  • C#
  • Powershell
  • C++
  • SQL
  • Python
  • MSIL
  • Assembler
  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Visual Basic
  • .NET, Mono, CLI
  • Powershell, Cmdlets, Providers
  • Automation Design
  • Cryptographic Systems / PKI
  • Relational and Document Databases
  • Web Services
  • Build Systems
  • Device Drivers
  • Embedded Systems
  • Systems Integration

Code Owls LLC

3/2010 – Present

Provide software engineering consultation and project management services.  Manage open source projects.  Publish private commercial software projects.

  • Created a cloud-based "plain paper" assessment system capable of using commodity scanners and printers to produce and process standardized assessment forms.
  • Developed Windows client software integrate wireless classroom input devices into a service-oriented online assessment framework.
  • Incorporated Scantrontm hardware scanners with client software, enabling teachers to upload the results of student assessments to a cloud-based learning management system.  Solution is currently used by several large school districts to digitize all standardized testing results.
  • Created StudioShell - an open source PowerShell automation environment for Visual Studio.
  • Integrated disparate technologies with Microsoft PowerShell - Entity Framework, Redis, MongoDB, ASP.NET Membership, SQLite, OData, etc.
  • Created SeeShell - a data visualization module for PowerShell environments.
  • Speaker at Southeast User Groups and developer conferences, discussing PowerShell development, software processes, various maker projects, and teaching kids how to program.
  • Organizer and host of the Iron Scripter! public scripting competitions.

PokerTek, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer
9/2005 – 3/2010

Responsible for the specification, design, implementation, testing, and support of applications and systems to run automated electronic poker rooms in the highly-regulated gaming industry.  Acting SCM, build master, and Scrum master.

  • Surpassed regulatory compliance for application security by creating a federated application integrity validation system using C#, Public Key Cryptography, SQL, Remoting, and TCP/IP.
  • Enabled regulatory product approval by implementing security and instrumentation services that comply with established regulatory protocols and standards (e.g., GAT3) using C#, Remoting, and Powershell.
  • Development of WDF and DDK Windows device drivers for control of proprietary hardware using C++, and assembler.
  • Shortened regulatory product approval cycles by creating a system for correlating source code to a compiled binary using reverse engineering techniques.
  • As Scrum master, successfully guided the software team to achieve project milestones on-time during unexpected layoffs and subsequent team attrition.
  • Established pragmatic development methodologies and project management techniques including Scrum, unit testing, test-driven development, user stories, planning poker, iterative and incremental development cycles, automated builds, and continuous integration.

LearningStation, Inc.
Senior Architect
7/2002 – 9/2005

Directed all systems integration of third-party vendor applications into the LearningStation Education Desktop™. Created and supported new web applications targeting the education market. Maintained legacy applications.

  • Simplified security systems integration by creating an identity federation service based on SAML v2.0 using C#, ASP.NET, SQL, Web Services, PHP, XML, and Public Key Cryptography.
  • Effected a 37% decrease in user-level support incidents by implementing an audit system to log changes to key database entities.
  • Improved reliability and maintainability of systems integration failure points by refactoring manual data migration systems into a single, automated, and audited process.

Convey Systems, Inc.

Software Engineer
2/2001 – 7/2002

Responsible for design, implementation, testing, and support of distributed Internet communication and collaboration applications using C++, ATL, WTL, COM, Java, Visual Basic, Javascript, VBScript, ASP, ADO, XML, and SQL.

  • Successfully ported highly integrated browser host application from Internet Explorer to AOL, Netscape Navigator, and Mozilla two months ahead of schedule.
  • Maximized support team responsiveness with a proactive system that logs field incidents to a central service in real-time using XML, ASP, ADO, SQL, and C++.
  • Accelerated component development by creating a software factory that ports ActiveX controls to Java libraries and Netscape Plug-ins.
  • Increased team productivity by creating a documentation system that generates HTMLHelp for an ActiveX component using ATL, Javascript, ADO, and Windows Script Components.

Compuware Corporation

Professional Staff
5/2000 – 2/2001

Provided consulting services for software development, web development, quality control, and documentation projects for various clients.

  • The majority of this time was spent as a consultant to Convey Systems, Inc.

Breault Research Organization, Inc.
Windows / Internet Software Developer 1/1998 – 2/2000

Responsible for design, implementation, and testing of modules for optical engineering applications using Visual C++, MFC, ATL, and Perl; website development using JavaScript, Perl, VBScript; software and web quality control and maintenance.

  • Maintained a Secret security clearance.
  • Realized a 3 to 8 minute increase in Customer Support incident responsiveness (a 26% increase in total incident capacity) by creating Internet-enabled application support modules.
  • Maximized team efficiency by standardizing UI development into a simple text-based framework.
  • Increased website traffic by 112% through long-term content strategies for the vertical optical engineering market.


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  • Microsoft MVP - PowerShell Development 2010-2014
  • Finalist, Blue Diamond Technology Award, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Spring 2002.
  • Favorite Faculty Member, University of Arizona, Fall 1997.



University of Arizona, Dept. of Psychology

MA Cognitive Psychology
8/1995 – 1/1998
Tucson, AZ
  • Development of QUAVER perception experiment engine library in C++.
  • Specialization in human perception and behavioral statistics.

Trinity University, Dept. of Psychology

BA Psychology
8/1991 – 5/1995
San Antonio, TX
  • 3.7 GPA