Many, many thanks to Brian Hitney, Chad Brooks, and Glen Gordon for letting me give a shotgun PowerShell presentation at the MSDN RoadShow in Charlotte today.  I appreciate the opportunity, guys!

As promised, here is a quick summary and some links to PowerShell tutorials and developer blogs...

The Big Three Commands

Remember, you don't need to remember all 200+ commands available in PowerShell, because PowerShell provides built-in cheat sheets!


Example 1: list all available commands

Example 2: list available commands pertaining to processes
Get-command *process*



Example 1: general powershell help

Example 2: list help topics matching a term
Get-help *object*
Example 3: get “short” help for a specific command
Get-help get-process
get-process -?
Example 3: get “full” help (details, examples, etc) for a specific command
Get-help get-process -full



Example 1: list members of a local variable

$variable | get-member
Get-member –input $variable
Example 2: list members of a pipeline result
Get-process | get-member


Download Powershell v2 CTP3

Community Resources - aggregator of scripts, blogs, and resources.  A great place to start searching for powershell packages.
PowerScripting podcast – weekly podcast of all things powershell.  Generally targeted at sys admins and DBAs, but often they discuss targeted technologies in powershell, such as sharepoint, sql server, exchange, VMWare, etc.
Nivot InkOisin Grehan's blog containing an insane amount of detail concerning v2 CTP features, including creating modules, eventing, and remoting. - Joel Bennet’s blog, author of the PowerBoots WPF extensions for powershell, and massive powershell development online presence.
PowerShell Team Blog – the horse’s mouth, so to speak.
PowerGUI - an awesome MMC-style GUI PowerShell host, very flexible and endlessly useful.

Open-Source Projects

PowerShell Community Extensions – targeted at powershell v1, the functionality offered here is largely absorbed in v2; however, this codebase is still a great resource for learning more about how powershell works.
SQL Server PowerShell Extensions – powershell support for managing SQL 2000 and 2005; note that SQL 2008 has powershell integration out of the box.
PolyMon – an open-source system monitoring solution with powershell support.

Module, Training, & Tool Vendors

Quest AD – active directory support for powershell. – Extensible and generic MMC-type UI front-end for powershell.
SAPIEN – makers of PrimalScript scripting IDE, designed specifically for sys admins; training courses in powershell, scripting, etc.
Quest – authors of free PowerGUI (, a UI front-end for powershell, as well as the ActiveRoles management shell for AD and many, many other management products.
SoftwareFX – vendor of .NET and Java instrumentation controls, as well as PowerGadgets, a tool that enables you to create vista side-bar gadgets based on PowerShell scripts - it's BIG FUN!