Now that I’m home from the 2012 MVP summit,  I thought I’d jot down a few notes about the experience. 

The first two days were full up with details about the new version of PowerShell shipping in Windows 8.  I’m not going to dive into any kind of detail about it here since the bits are publicly available and you should really start playing with it instead of reading about it.  Suffice it to say:

  • the surface area exposed to devops in PowerShell & Windows 8 is immense;
  • automation of administrative tasks on Windows 8 will be a pleasure.

I did a lot of listening on the first day, trying to take in the dynamics between the MVPs and the ‘softies.  By the second day I had put on my big boy pants and introduced myself to Jeffrey Snover and the members of the PowerShell team.  Once I started talking I found it difficult to stop.  They asked pointed questions and outright begged for feedback on the new V3 features, but having the ear of someone who wants to hear about the shell is not a common occurrence for me.  Or at least, not common enough apparently.  Hopefully their ears have recovered by now.

Which brings me to the PowerShell MVPs.  I’ve interacted with all of them digitally for the past year, some of them for far longer; that time pales to getting a week of face time with them.  It’s a scattologically interesting bunch comprised of developers, devops, and IT pros from … well, at least eight countries.  The banter was fast and positive, the humor never-ending; ideas were exchanged, and projects started.  More on that last one later…

And no mention of the summit would be complete without sharing this little gem: the PowerShell MVPs singing Highway to PowerShell at the live karaoke during the attendee party.  This pretty much sums up the experience of hanging out with this bunch of misfits.  Enjoy!