I absolutely love powershell.  I would estimate that over the past 6 months, powershell has saved me about two work weeks of time.

Case in point: next week we're entering a rather bulky merge phase across - count 'em now - four branches of the same project.  I needed a list of all of my commits for each branch to use as a cross-reference.  I thought about seeking out or coding up a SVN log parser, until I saw my powershell console and realized I didn't need to.  After a half-minute of hacking, I came up with this little diddy:

( [xml] ( svn log --xml | join-string -sep "" ) ).log.logentry |
 ? { $_.author -eq "jim christopher" } |

In a nutshell, this one-liner requests the SVN log, filters log entries with my SVN username as the author, and formats them as a very readible list.

And that's the "power" in "powershell:" when I need a quick hack, powershell is there for me; but when I need the reliability and safety of objects, it's there for me too.