imageA maintenance release of StudioShell is now available on codeplex.

This release contains several fixes to the initial release of StudioShell:

  • Tab completion and history walking have been hardened in the console.
  • Solution Folders are now recognized as containers in the console.
  • Solution Modules are now unloaded automatically if the “AutoManageSolutionProfiles" setting is enabled.
  • The PowerShell AllUsersCurrentHost is no longer loaded.  The “LoadPowerShellProfiles" setting now only applies to your Current User profile script located at ~\documents\windowspowershell\profile.ps1.
  • Data panes (visualizations) now reliably appear in VS2010. 
  • The default console window now consumes all available client area of the tool window at startup.
  • Project item properties are now available in the path hierarchy.  For example, the path dte:/solution/projects/MyProject/Program.cs/properties will contain all the item properties for the Program.cs file, such as the Build Action, full path, etc.
  • The locals and arguments nodes under the stack frame tree now add missing quotes to strings when you attempt to set an expression value.  In the 1.0 release, you could set expression values
  • The default PowerShell module path is now added to the process environment when StudioShell is started.

Have fun, and as always please note any issues or feature requests using the Issue Tracker.