I’m happy to say that a new release of StudioShell is up, along with a new version of the StudioShell.Beta nuget package!

The big things in this release:

  1. Support for Visual Studio 2012
  2. Support for PowerShell 3.0
  3. Support for use in the ISE

In addition there are tons of itty bitty bug fixes and incremental improvements. 

This release is still classified as a beta.  I want to collect usage information from VS2012 and/or PowerShell 3 users before marking the release as stable, and there are some documentation gaps that need to be filled.  That said, the 1.5 release is still preferred over the existing 1.2 and 1.3.1 packages for stability and features.

Oh, and I went ahead and started pushing the StudioShell.Contrib project.  There isn’t must up there - at the moment it contains a few “helper functions” that I commonly use, and I will shortly push some Psake-related functions along with some contribution guidelines.  My hope is that others will fork the project and contribute their own pieces.