Software and computing_Console_128I’m prepping a release of StudioShell by the end of January.  This release will include overdue support for Visual Studio 2012, and contain a ton of small fixes (and a few rather large ones).

As I wrap up this 1.5 beta release, I'm vacillating with certain new features I'm not sure everyone would want.  For instance, in my local StudioShell profile script, I've added menu items for projects, code elements, and files that allow me to quickly mount the studioshell prompt to that location.  E.g., right-click on a class, select "Mount this Class", and StudioShell magically does a push-location to the class location in the code model tree.  Similarly, right-click on the class, select “Mount this File Location,” and StudioShell changes location to the file system folder containing the code file.

There’s a ton of these little things floating about.  While these are useful, I don't think they necessarily need to be made a part of StudioShell.  I think they deserve their own place in the community.  So I’m creating a new StudioShell.Contrib project to collect these little helpers.  I’m not sure where this project will be hosted yet – either alongside StudioShell on CodePlex or perhaps on GitHub - your input is welcome.