SOOOOoooooOOOO… I’ve been a bit incognito lately and I thought I’d take a moment to summarize what’s been happening in the last three months,and give everyone a head’s up for the rest of the year.

May was consumed largely by two things.  The first was volunteer work at my kids’ school during EOG testing.  I was basically there for 5 hours every day for three weeks, so the teachers could administer 4 exams for each of their 24 students one-on-one as mandated by the school board.  I couldn’t stop the testing, but I did what I could to ease the pain on the school, teachers, and kids.  The second thing was prepping talks for the summer conferences – CodeStock, MADExpo, and DEVlink – and various code camps in the Carolinas and Georgia.  I headed out to CodeStock at the end of May, where I spoke about StudioShell; it was another fantastic conference experience, the highlight for me was getting to kick Charles Petzold out of the room so I could give my talk immediately after his.  I mean, freaking Charles Petzold.

June was full of CodeStock and MADExpo.  MADExpo went off rather well for a first-time conference.  The maker-esque focus is something I hope they elaborate upon next year – the sessions on netduino, robotics, and the like were a real hit across the board, and the kid’s area was a blast with snap circuits, legos, etc.  I’m considering submitting an origami session next summer, just to do something completely different…

July was comprised of work, work, work … and a vacation in the east Texas desert, during which I managed to line up a substantial contract that consumed most of August … except of course for DEVlink.  This was my first DEVlink experience and it was a good one (despite the lack of wireless and cell coverage and no, I didn’t stay at the Choo-Choo either).  I definitely made more connections – social and professional – at DEVlink than at any other conference thus far.  I did another StudioShell session there.  Jaws hit the floor, it was well-received.  I also attended PowerShell sessions by other speakers –  Sarah Dutkiewicz and Joe Webb – I love seeing how different people approach teaching this technology to others.

With the summer over and school back in session, my speaking focus is shifting back to user groups and events.  This Thursday, September 15, I’ll be speaking at the WNC .NET User Group about PowerShell for Developers.  I’ve expanded this talk to include PSake, Pester, and StudioShell; I look forward to the feedback on the new topics.

Then on Saturday, September 17th, it’s SQL Saturday #89 in Atlanta.  This will be my first SQL Saturday ever, and I’m so glad to be bringing the PowerShell and development love to the database community.  I have two sessions – the first is using StudioShell to automate Denali, and the second is a brand-spankin’ new talk titled “Stupid PowerShell Tricks”.  I got the idea from going over some of my other talks and realizing that the most frequent question I get asked is “What was that you just did there?”  I also find myself asking this question quite a bit of others – especially when I’m around admins or DBAs.  Since there is obviously much we can learn from each other, I decided to make a session out of it.  I’ll show you my stupid tricks and you show me yours, and we’ll all walk away with new ways to get stuff done!

Later this month – September 22nd to be exact - I’m heading to the Triad Developer’s Group to spread more PowerShell love to Carolina software developers.  In October it looks like I’ll be a guest on Talk TechNet (details to follow).  In November I’m heading up to the Raleigh .NET User Group to demo and discuss StudioShell.

Whew… at some point I’ll need to fit in some project work… I’ve got a couple of decent irons in the fire, some will go open-source and some won’t … more on that in another post…