Just a quick note about two upcoming speaking engagements where you’ll have the chance to soak up some PowerShell love.

In mid-March I’ll be presenting Stupid PowerShell Tricks for the .NET Developer at CodePaLOUsa.  If you write .NET code – be it for the web, the enterprise, or a device – I’ll show you how PowerShell can make mincemeat out of large, boring, and repetitive tasks.  In addition I’ll be showing off how I’ve personally integrated Mercurial and Git into PowerShell, how I use PowerShell to drive my software build process (including running remote tests), and how I automate massive changes to my source code.

Then on April 14 I’ll be in Atlanta for SQL Saturday #111, where I’ll discuss PowerShell Modules you Should Know About.  If you’re new to PowerShell, this will be a great session to attend as it will show off a wide diversity of the things that PowerShell can do – from database management to simple UI to spooling Hyper-V virtual machines. 

I’m looking forward to both of them, and I hope to see you there!