Just ignore this post, I just need to release some steam...

We just had an emergency team meeting.  The topic: it's been noticed by the executives that we're not always around when they are.  Someone needed something and one of us wasn't there to oblige.  That must have really chapped their hide.  

Well, I've noticed some things too.  Here's what I've noticed:

  • I'm VPN'ed into work at midnight fixing the build someone else broke;
  • I'm constantly tweaking our unit tests to keep them working as the rest of the team gets to plod on to greenfield pastures;
  • I'm responding to support emails at 2am;
  • I'm answering the support phone at 4am;
  • I still make the 9:30am scrum;
  • I bust my hump as a principal developer on a project, only to hear the executives single-out my superiors to praise for my work;
  • After four rounds of layoffs, I've taken on so many roles here I've lost track;
  • I haven't dropped the ball on any of my responsibilities (or if I have, no one has let me know about it);
  • I've been willing to drop my life for days at a stretch to make emergency trips to fix client issues;
  • I'm frequently the last one out the door at the end of the day;
  • I see my kids for maybe 90 minutes a day;

... and more thing I noticed: the people I work for only notice me when I'm not around.